turn up the heat in the bedroom during the holidays

turning up the heat during the holidays

Are you looking for ways to turn up the heat in la chambre this holiday season? Don’t let the hustle and bustle of hunting for gifts, creating never-ending to-do lists, and side-eyeing old Uncle Edgar at the family dinner for his notoriously inappropriate jokes keep you from staying connected with your lover. Intimacy might be on the back burner for various reasons, but it doesn’t have to be so.

The holidays are a mixed bag when it comes to how people are feeling. For some, it’s a time of excitement and joy; for others, grief and all the in-betweens. An air of frenzy and chaos is in the air, yet you still lay down in the quiet of night next to your partner. If you’re struggling to connect with your partner during this season, we’ve got some ideas that will have your partner whispering “embrasse-moi” in your ear.


talk about what to expect at holiday gatherings.

Family and friend gatherings often come with a lot of pressure. When people go back to their family homes, they sometimes revert to the childhood version of themselves. This can feel startling for a partner, and tensions can arise. Prep each other ahead of time about what to expect, who you’ve got a beef with, and what to do when you need a little connection. This simple act can bring you closer together, so you are tackling these experiences as a team.

have a code word for holiday gatherings. Heck, maybe even a few code words.

If you’re ready to bow out of a gathering, a code word, a wink, a squeeze of the hand are all great ways to alert the other that it’s time to go soon. Or, perhaps, you’re feeling a little randy. With a code word phrase whispered in your partner’s ear, like je te veux (I want you), you can get your message across quickly, unless your family speaks French, of course. In that case, any obscure word would work to initiate a little mental foreplay before the bedroom play begins.

sneak in some sexy stocking stuffers

What better way to show your partner what you want than by gifting it to them. Some stocking stuffer ideas might include; Lingerie, Lubricant, Condoms or a new Vibrator.

It’s ok to be Captain Obvious once in a while. If your partner doesn’t know you want to be tied up, hand them a gift that spells it out for them. They’ll thank you for it later ;).

find simple ways to touch each other, even if a full-on bedroom session isn’t possible.

There are plenty of scenarios where sex isn’t an option during the holidays. For example, maybe you’re sleeping in an open-air space in a family member’s house for the weekend, and a romp in the sac might lead to awkward conversations. A simple way to stay connected is by finding ways to connect physically. Hold hands, cuddle when you can, sneak a kiss, gaze into each other’s eyes for a few breaths, or whisper sweet nothings, so the warmth of your breath is felt on their ear for a moment.

Turning up the heat in the bedroom doesn’t always start in the bedroom. Foreplay and connection are where it’s at if you want to get in the mood while under pressure or stress from the holiday experience. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it too! Try something new. Introduce some toys. Test out exciting positions. Get each other all hot and bothered with sexy whispered tidbits throughout the evening at that boring family function. Allow yourself to let loose a little bit this holiday season, and have a little fun. We could all use a bit more play and connection this year.

Happy Holidays! X

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