Spice Up Christmas Gift Giving

This Christmas, forget the presents under the tree. We have three exciting ways you can give your lover their gifts that will help keep the mood merry.

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Spice Up Christmas Gift Giving
Picture this: It’s December. The Christmas tree is up. The gifts are bought. Michael Bublé is singing. The ugly Christmas sweaters are washed after being in storage for the last 11 months. The only thing left to do is figure out an exciting way to gift the spicier toys for your lover. After all, opening the Double Entendre under the Christmas tree is just not going to cut it this year. Here are our top ways to spice up gift giving this year:

The Hunt

This may be an obvious one, and requires a bit of planning, but it’s a classic. Plan where you want to leave the gift and go from there. Create a series of clues to lead your lover to the main gift, with the first clue being under the Christmas tree. Make your partner go all around the house trying to solve the riddles, for example instead of saying “clue 3 is in the bathroom”, try “you turn me on and make me hotter. You’d never know it, but my head is full of water” to direct your partner to the shower! Consider adding smaller gifts to go with the clues, these can be lingerie, Oh La La Love Lube, anything that can be used with your big gift to make for a more fun time!

The Robe

After all the festivities are over and you are back home and getting ready to go to sleep, slip into your sexiest lingerie. Wrap your robe over top to hide what’s underneath. When your partner has finished all their nightly duties and is getting into bed, walk into the room behind them and take your robe off, and hand them the final gift (perhaps L’Ultimate Lovers Kit?) and watch their eyes go wide.

In Plain Sight

Sometimes the most exciting part about getting down and dirty is that someone might hear or walk in on you! The same goes with receiving sexy gifts. Although we advise against giving a vibrator in front of your partner’s mother (hey, if their mum is cool with that sort of thing, go for it!), leave a little sexy message in the card for your lover to read while opening gifts in front of everyone! Or if leaving a sexy message isn’t what you’re looking for, try sexting your partner throughout the day, building up to give them their final (sexy) gift.

Gift giving doesn’t have to be boring, especially when the gift itself isn’t boring. Incorporating different ways to give gifts can add some more fun and helps build up the excitement in the lead up. After all, sex is an experience, and everything surrounding it should be too.

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