Valentine’s Date Guide

A candlelit dinner and roses are nice, but if you're searching for something a bit more creative this Valentine's Day, read on.

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Valentine’s Date Guide
Trust me, we don’t need an excuse to plan a spicy, steamy and sensuous date night around these parts, but who doesn’t love a little extra motivation? Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, but this year let’s skip the stock standard dinner date and get creative, shall we? If you’re searching for some V-Day date ideas to make your lover swoon, read on for some sexy inspiration.

Bring Back the Make Out Sesh

Remember back to your first romantic or semi-sexual experiences, before you had ‘gone all the way'. Perhaps you were in high school and you would spend hours just making out with your crush. Remember the excitement of that? Or maybe think back to the start of the relationship you’re in right now. Did you make out like teenagers for a while? And if so, has it stopped? 

When was the last time you really made out?

Have a bit of a show and tell session with your lover this V-Day. Get curious about how one another likes to be kissed and amp up your make-out skills by using the following questions as prompts. Once you find a groove, this is your invitation to indulge in a full on make out session.

  • What kind of pace do you like? Slow and sensual, or rough and passionate?
  • What type of pressure suits you best? Soft and gentle, or hard and deep?
  • How do feel about tongue? Do you like using tongue, or do you prefer lips only?
  • What type of movements do you like to make with the tongue? Do you enjoy a playful flick, do you like to massage your tongue against theirs or do you want your whole tongue in their mouth?
  • How do you feel about biting? Do you like a cheeky lip nibble, or maybe you like those teeth out of the way.
  • Are you a full open mouth kisser, or do you like mouths closed and focussed on the lips?

Our lips and  mouths have so many delicious nerve endings that will certainly have you feeling extra turned on as they send signals to your other erogenous zones. There’s no rush when it comes to kissing, so buckle in and enjoy!

Have a Fiery Photoshoot

How often do you send nudes to one another? Maybe you’re spicy selfie connoisseurs, or maybe you’re nude newbs,  this practice is all about exploring. See your lover as your muse, viewing their body through an artistic lens as opposed to something purely explicit. Experiment with lighting, posing and the implication of nudity rather than full frontal for that truly temptuos vibe. Play around with different poses, positions and props, and see what you can create together.

You might like to take a sultry nude of one another, or you might like to join forces, set up your phone on a self-timer and take something together. Get creative here, and remember there’s no pressure for this to be perfect.

Try some of these posing prompts for inspo:

  • Shadow play - set up your lighting to cast a sexy silhouette on the wall and play around with different shapes to find the perfect pose
  • Body scape - search for the beautiful curves and angles in one another’s body and take some close ups of the curve of your lovers back, the slope of their neck, the angles of their jaw…
  • Get wet - take your lover into the shower and capture the water droplets dripping down their back, their abs, their booty….
  • Use props - find some things around the house to elevate your nudes. Perhaps a sheet draped over the body, some flowers or feathers, lingerie or even fruit could add some sultry elements to your shots

Once you’ve gotten snap happy, be sure to save those photos to a secret hidden folder - most phones will have settings to ‘hide’ a photo into a locked password protected section. Otherwise, check out the Photo Vault app. And of course, it goes without saying, to never share someone's nudes with anybody else without permission.

Get Decadent & Delicious

Food can be oh so sensual, not to mention the many foods that are literal aphrodisiacs like oysters, chocolate and figs. For this date idea, set yourself up a candlelit picnic - either in the backyard or even just the lounge room floor - and gather all your favourite foods to indulge in. Some personal faves are luxe chocolates, berries, grapes, mango and ice cream.

You could take turns blindfolding and feeding the other, taking the time to really tune in to all your senses and really savouring every single lick, suck and bite. There’s something so hot about slowly devouring your food that makes it taste so much better. Plus as an added bonus, by pulling all your focus to your mouth, your lips and your tongue, you’ll heighten sensation in these erogenous zones, which will likely have a flow on to other erogenous zones too. 

Better yet, take your sensual eating one step further by drizzling melted chocolate, honey or even whipped cream on your lover's body and lick it off in long, languorous strokes, teasing your lover as you taste them. Trust me, they’ll be begging you to take your tongue someplace else soon enough.

There are so many wild and wonderful ways to connect deeply with your lover, so this Valentine’s Day try something new and delicious. And remember, you never have to wait for V-Day to roll around to try these date ideas - they’ll be just as decadent any day of the year.

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