What Carrying A Condom Says About You

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What Carrying A Condom Says About You

why carrying is a serious power move

We all have those everyday items we can’t leave the house without; wallet, phone, keys, but what about condoms? While there shouldn't be any shame in carrying condoms or a bit of forward planning, it seems people still have mixed feelings about it. Yes, I know! It’s 2020, surely we’re not still having this conversation. Though when I speak with my clients -of all genders, ages, experiences and sexualities - when the topic of condoms comes up, they still feel a spontaneous jolt of shame, worried they will be judged for taking control or appearing too keen.

And maybe you’ve been in this murky territory before; carrying condoms could feel uncomfortable and lead to assumptions, but on the flipside not having them (when you really need one) can be a real buzz kill. Carrying condoms says a lot about you, and not what you might initially think. As you read this I hope you can challenge any misconceptions you have about being prepped with a condom and sexual health protection.

In this article I’ve used the word condom in the broadest sense, referring to all sexual health products that provide a physical barrier.


5 Statements That Say What Carrying A Condom Says About You

1. You're sex positive

When you carry condoms, you’re making a statement. You are a sex positive, sensual human, and there’s no shame in being prepared. You enjoy sex and you want to keep your body and others safe. This is particularly radical for women, trans and non-binary people, who for so long have not been seen as sensual, sexual beings who can in fact enjoy their body and pleasure. These limiting assumptions leave it up to a male partner/person with a penis to be the prepared one. When you carry condoms you are celebrating your pleasure and owning your autonomy in any sexual experience.

2. Its a serious power move

This is certainly a sex position we can get behind. When you carry condoms you’re proving that you take responsibility for your body and your health. You are in control of how you engage with people. When you say - ‘I’m really into you and I’ve come prepared’ you set the tone for how you want to engage with them. It is powerful to carry a condom on you, and you will always come out on top.

You're a badass liberate human who gives a shit about your body and others

3. It shows you care

Mon cheri - you thoughtful human you! Picture this, the next time it starts to get heated with a lover and they whisper in your ear ‘do you have a condom?’ you can confidently whisper back, ‘Oui, oui! Of course I do’. It shows you care about them and yourself! On the flipside, I’m sure you can recall a time where you or a partner wasn’t prepared for a situation that was likely or planned to lead to sex, and it leaves a lot questions. Why don’t you use them? Do you use them with others? Did they hope that you’d get too turned on and forget about it? None of which paint you or them in a good light. Show you care and come prepared.

4. You've got well established boundaries

And there’s nothing sexier than someone who knows what they want. We’re all about boundaries - asserting them, respecting them, and spending time to co-create them. When you say I practice safe sex, it proves you know what you want and the type of sex you like to have. And the simple act of having a condom on you, is a tangible way to show them you’re grounded in those boundaries.

5. You're f**king the system

Although different countries and states have certain reproductive rights, globally people are still fighting for the right to have bodily autonomy. Carrying condoms is political, it’s a radical act of resistance against systems that oppress us. When you have a condom, it’s like you're carrying a banner into war singing the battle cry; my body, my choice! You’re taking a stance for your sexual liberation and freedom. Give me a more profound reason to keep a stash of condoms with you.


So basically you’re a badass, liberated human who gives a shit about your body and others. You owe it to yourself and your peace of mind to be prepared with condoms.


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