What To Expect At A Sex Party

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What To Expect At A Sex Party

Georgia's Q&A with a sex party host part 2

And just like that we’re back!

Last week I introduced you to the brilliant Polly Spaull, a Sex Party Events Manager who has énorme knowledge and experience in the space. Polly shared insights on everything you need to know before you attend a workshop, if you haven’t already read it - we recommend checking it out! This week we’re looking at what actually goes down, who you’ll find there and what to do in the way of aftercare.

Read on for what to expect at a sex party...

GG: How should you prepare for a sex party?

PS: The number one priority of any guest attending should be hygiene. You want to be looking, smelling and feeling your best. You want to dress to impress and feel a million dollars. Has the party got a theme or dress code? Make sure you get into the spirit and make an effort with your outfit, I can assure you your efforts will definitely be noticed! Make sure to also read the venue's rules. These will usually give you all the information you need before attending such as information about what to wear, what time to arrive, rules regarding photos and such.


GG: Who attends sex parties? What are they like?

PS: There is such a huge diversity of guests that attend. It’s often people you would least expect! I’ve had people turn up looking like butter wouldn’t melt, only to get changed into a full PVC leather set with whips and chains and wow the crowd with their athletics on the pole. The usual age range of guests is from around 18 – 45, with people coming from all different walks of life.


GG: What can you expect attending? What actually happens throughout?  

PS: A lot of people automatically think that when attending a sex party, sex is guaranteed. This brings us back to my point (last week) about consent. Meet people and get chatting, be respectful and polite and hopefully the cherry on top of the evening will be a mind blowing experience for you and your potential partner(s)!

To give you an idea of what to expect the evening usually plays out as the following..

[Cue sexy french music]

Upon arrival you will be checked in. You will need to show your ticket and will be offered a locker in order to store your belongings. Most of the venues in Sydney are BYO meaning you bring your own alcohol along. The club will provide soft drinks and mixers. You will usually get changed and check your alcohol in at the bar and grab a drink. This is a great chance for mingling and checking out the crowd. Is anyone catching your eye? Have you got a great connection with someone that you would like to build on? Perhaps you’re just catching up with familiar faces from the scene. First time guests are often offered tours of the venue. This gives them the chance to ask any questions they may have. This is usually when a couple of rules are explained – think consent and safe words, then the fun begins.

People will start to head toward the rooms in the club. They might go to the dungeon, the orgy rooms, private bedrooms – whichever takes their fancy. People that don’t join in will often explore their voyeuristic side and watch the action taking place. Essentially it can be a very different experience for everyone that attends but I always hope that no matter how the evening unfolds it will be a positive and memorable event for all guests.


GG: What about safe sex practices? Are lubes, condoms available and encouraged?  

PS: 100% without a doubt. Condoms and lubes are always provided for guests and they are readily encouraged to use them. Practising safe sex should be a given for all consenting adults. We have rules in place that we expect to be followed, especially when it comes to such an intimate and individual part of a person's life.


GG: What should you do after a sex party? what's the etiquette / after care?

PS: This can vary depending on the type of party and your own experience. If you have established a dom/sub relationship with someone whilst doing an impact scene for example; aftercare should be carried out. A check in to see how they’re feeling, what they enjoyed, anything they didn’t like, perhaps plan for next time. If you swapped numbers with any gorgeous guests whilst there, why don’t you send a message and share your experiences of the night! Perhaps you can all go and explore a different party together this time! It’s likely that you will make lots of wonderful friends in the community, often these people will be friends for life, so I encourage budding friendships and relationships to form.

So there you have it! We hope that’s given you the info or the inspo you need to attend a sex party. We think Polly sums it up pretty well…

“Be safe. Be respectful. Follow the rules, and most importantly enjoy it. I can’t recommend attending a party enough. It’s better to take a leap of faith and explore your own sexual fantasies and desires, than to live a life wondering what lies behind those deliciously inviting doors”



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