5 Types of O's You Might Not Know

Our bodies are capable of experiencing incredible new heights of pleasure in places you never would have thought. Eleanor explains five O’s you might not know.
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5 Types of O's You Might Not Know

Everybody loves orgasms, right? But how many different types have you experienced? You might be familiar with the more commonly known penile or clitoral O that tend to be the most accessible.. 

The most commonly known and experienced orgasms tend to originate from places in the body known as erogenous zones. An erogenous zone is a part of the body that generates sexual arousal and excitation when stimulated. Typically it is parts of the body that are highly innervated, or that have a high concentration of nerve endings, that are considered the most obvious erogenous zones. The clitoris itself has an average of 10,281 nerve endings, making it the body part with the highest concentration of nerve endings regardless of sex or gender. Conversely, the penis has roughly 4,000 nerve endings around the glans. Our genitals are the first zones we tend to consider when it comes to sexual pleasure, but with enhanced awareness, intention and the right stimulation, we can experience pleasure in all parts of our bodies - essentially creating new erogenous zones. 

Our bodies are capable of experiencing incredible new heights of pleasure in places you never would have thought. Here are five O’s you might not know.


Now, this one might not surprise you too much, we all know anal sex is pretty damn popular, right? But, often there’s a misperception that anal sex is more for the pleasure of the giver than the receiver, but baby anal is definitely mutually beneficial, if you’re doing it right. Regardless of your sex, gender or sexual persuasion, anal sex can be deeply pleasurable as the anus itself is an erogenous zone and has a very high concentration of nerve endings. For those with a prostate, anal pleasure is even more enhanced through the stimulation of the prostate from within the anus. Plus, thanks to the pudendal nerve, stimulation of the anus can carry sensation to the external genitalia resulting in elevated pleasure and powerful orgasms.


The nipples are considered an erogenous zone because stimulation of these heavenly buds of pleasure actually lights up the same area of the brain as genital stimulation or sensation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix does. Studies suggest that nipple play during sex can increase arousal by 52% for men and people with penises, and up to 82% for women and people with vulvas. Not only that, but touch of the nipples can even release oxytocin, a hormone responsible for feelings of sexual arousal, trust and romantic attachment. Many people will find that nipple play enhances pleasure and plays a role in blended orgasms while other erogenous zones (such as the clitoris) are simultaneously stimulated, but it’s possible to have pure nipple-gasms too. Since the genital-sensory cortex of the brain (aka the pleasure hot-spot) fires upon nipple touch, you might find that it leads to a similar feeling to a clitoral orgasm. 


Alright, this one is a bit more rare and left-of-centre, but it’s most definitely possible. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of people experiencing orgasms via stimulation of the throat, most often during the act of deep throating while giving a blowjob. Though there is sparse research that has been conducted on throat-gasms, one explanation for the occurrence of deep throat-induced O’s could be the vagus nerve. This fascinating nerve connects, among other things, the throat to the cervix, which would explain why some people feel that pussy pulsating sensation of a deep internal vaginal or cervical orgasm when hitting the right spot in the throat. To try this out, you’ll need to be very relaxed and aroused already before attempting to find where your pleasure point may be.


Most people who are prone to core-gasms, also known as ab-gasms or exercise induced orgasms, happened upon their special skill by accident. Like much to do with female pleasure, there isn’t significant research to fully explain how and why this happens. But, the working theory is that for some people, contraction of the abdominal muscles during certain types of exercise movements also triggers contractions of the pelvic floor muscles which are involved in sexual pleasure and the internal vaginal contractions of an orgasm. Through discussions with clients and students, the general consensus for those who experience coregasms is that hanging leg raises is the main culprit, but many have also had a surprise O thanks to crunches, pullups, hip thrusts and squats too.


It may sound elusive, but it is entirely possible to have an orgasm with only your breath. This type of orgasm could be known as, or fall under the umbrella of other terms such as hands-free orgasm, full-body orgasm, energy orgasm or mind-gasm. Essentially, this orgasm requires no physical touch or stimulation to take you on a deliciously pleasure-filled journey. Energy orgasms are commonplace in the world of Tantra and tend to use the ultimate sensual combination of breath, sound and movement to invoke a heightened energetic state to the point of full body orgasm. Using specific breathwork techniques, along with erotic imagery in the mind can be incredibly powerful. Since the vagus nerve connects the cervix and uterus to the brain, it’s possible to experience sexual pleasure (and yes, orgasms) through stimulation of the brain, plus the vagus nerve bypasses the spinal cord which means those with spinal cord injuries who no longer have sensation of the genitals or other erogenous zones can still experience orgasms through breath and imagination.

Our bodies are truly fascinating things, and we are still discovering more about our pleasure every day. Regardless of if you have experienced any of these orgasms yet or are still yet to try them out, I hope that the knowledge that your body is capable of so much pleasure feels empowering to you. With time, patience and intention, you can turn your whole body into an endogenous zone and become wildly orgasmic.

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