Erotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

What is it and is it right for you?

While some of us may associate porn with movies or pictures, another type of porn often overlooked in mainstream representation is erotic literature, or erotica.

Do you remember the hysteria that ensued when 50 Shades of Grey landed on bookshelves across the globe? As it shot to best seller status, this novel was many people's first introduction to the concept of erotica. But, it’s no new phenomena. Before we met Christian Grey, there was Mills and Boon, the novels renowned for their popularity amongst bored housewives (and the steamy scenes adorning their covers).

While these examples may seem somewhat cringeworthy, the majority of erotica isn’t all as cliche as pop culture can make it seem, and it’s certainly not only for cis women. Anyone can enjoy erotica and, just like with pornographic videos, there’s a huge selection of genres of erotic literature to suit everybody. Whatever scenario gets you feeling hot and bothered, there’s sure to be an entire library of stories tailored to your innermost desires.

Not only is enjoying erotic literature great for broadening your horizons, it also has some very real benefits for your sex life as well.

1. It's a slower build

Just like in reality, when engaging with porn your sexual arousal is often heightened when it’s prolonged. When sexual tension is allowed to build slowly, the end release is generally all the sweeter. Reading erotic fiction forces you to be present in the moment, and allows you to really slow down and enjoy the journey to that oh so satisfying final destination.

2. It's Quiet

If you’ve ever begun enjoying yourself only to realise you’re connected to a bluetooth speaker, this one’s for you. Whether you’re porn proud or prefer a more discreet approach, erotic literature is a quieter option for those who have thin walls or live in close quarters with other people.

3. Helps you relax

Reading in general is a great way to take some time for yourself and relax, and reading erotic stories can benefit you in the same ways. Stress is a common cause for lowered libido, so indulging in erotica may be positive for you sex life by reducing your cortisol levels. By getting lost in a lustful tale, thoughts of that impending project at work or the mountain of dishes by the sink will soon be swept away, making you more likely to achieve orgasm and leaving room for all sorts of creative thoughts...

4. Inspires creativity

While some may find branching out of their comfort zone through other forms of porn too confronting, reading erotic literature allows you to try new fantasies in a different manner. If you’ve never experimented with blindfolds before, reading a story that features them may allow you to imagine yourself in this scenario in a way viewing a video never could. By allowing you to first mentally experiment, erotica helps you open both your mind and bedroom to new possibilities.

5. Improves Communication

This goes for both your everyday communication and your pillow talk. Reading of any sort expands your vocabulary, allowing you to express your thoughts and feelings more accurately and cohesively. Reading erotic literature may also help you find your voice in the bedroom, whether that’s arousal building whispers or letting your partner/s know exactly what you like.

So now you know what erotica is, how do you know if it’s right for you?

There’s only one way...try it! Next time you feel like indulging in some self love, give erotic literature a try. There’s no need to buy a whole book if you’re unsure, simply visit one of the many websites that offer a great selection of erotica for free. If it’s not for you, no pressure, we’ve got plenty of other great alternatives to help you heat things up between the sheets.

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