Exploring The Use Of Blindfolds

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Exploring The Use Of Blindfolds

5 reasons why blindfolds can level up your sexual experience

Blindfolds can be one of the sexiest ways to explore new sensation, build arousal, practice communication, and create deeper trust and intimacy - all of that with a few inches of silky material! As a sex coach - I recommend blindfolds to most people, I think they should be a staple in every bedside top drawer. I’m a huge fan of what they allow you to explore in a sensual relationship - I even brought blindfolds on national TV for a Bachelor 2020 intimacy date.

I have trialed this practice with hundreds of workshop participants and couples and I've discovered some fascinating insights and benefits of exploring blindfolded touch. Read on to find out how a blind fold can really up level your sexual experiences.

5 Benefits Of Using Blindfolds

1. It intensifies your senses:

A blindfold provides sensory deprivation (i.e. one sense is dulled). When this happens, the brain temporarily compensates and allows us to become more sensitive to the stimuli from our other senses. When you take away sight, touch, scent, taste, and sounds are amplified. All this amplified sensory information helps build arousal and sexual excitement. So it’s great for people who feel distracted by thoughts, or those who feel a great amount of sensation in their body.

2. It can allow you to feel more sexually confident and less inhibited

Even the most sexually confident person has certain things they feel self conscious about; the faces they make, the sounds they can’t control, the way their body does or doesn't express pleasure. It’s very human to feel inhibited by the way you look during sex. If you’ve ever felt this way - a blindfold might help! It takes pressure off you to look a certain way - because you can’t see anything! The less concerned you are about how sex is supposed to look, and the more present you are - the better the sex will be!

3. It builds trust

Blindfolds sex can strengthen the trust you have for one another. If one person is willing to restrict their eyesight, there’s a huge amount of trust involved. This can support you in feeling closer and safer with one another, which I think are fundamental to a healthy sexual relationship.

4. It allows you to explore power dynamics

For those who are curious about dabbling in power dynamics - using a blindfold is a great way to explore this. You may choose to explore the more submissive role of wearing the blindfold, or the more dominant role of blindfolding your partner (or both!). Exploring power dynamics can be a huge turn on for everyone involved. It is a really simple way to switch up the roles you may typically take when it comes to sex and try something new.

Though it’s important to remember that the person wearing the blindfold is in control of how far you go with it - consent must be clear and ongoing. And if your partner isn’t into exploring power dynamics - you can’t coerce them into doing anything they don’t want to. Respect their no, you can always wear a blindfold during masturbation.

5. It adds the element of surprise, play and fun

When you restrict your sight, any kind of touch comes as a surprise - this is a wonderful way to build arousal and a sense of anticipation. It’s also a lot of fun for both the giver and the receiver! You can play with different sensations - feathers, body safe wax play, ice cubes, strawberries, toys - I encourage you to get creative and have as much fun with it as you want! I’ve noticed that a main component missing out of many adult sexual relationships (and lives in general) is the capacity to play. So I invite you to take the pressure off your sex life, and instead invite more curiosity and play into your sex life.

How You Can Actually Do It

So as you can see - there’s great value in using blindfolds. A simple, unassuming blindfold can be powerful for sexual excitement. Because of this, it's important to check-in and gauge each other's interest before you start. Here’s a few things to note before you jump straight in:

  • Set up: Discuss boundaries, create safety and check in. Ask each other, what do you want to explore? What are your boundaries? How is this for you? What could make it even better?
  • Agree on a time limit (if you have one).
  • Decide who will be blindfolded (you can take turns).
  • Organise playful sensory items to engage all the senses: taste, smell, touch, sound.
  • Get creative, be playful.
  • Check in after: How was that for you? What would make it even better? What did you learn, notice or feel?

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