Knowing the Different Erogenous Zones

An erogenous zone is an area of the body that can produce sexual arousal when stimulated. These sensitive areas tend to have a lot of nerve-endings and receptors that are more attuned to light touch or gentle tickling
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Knowing the Different Erogenous Zones

When it comes to sex, there’s no doubt that you probably want to be touched all over. But during solo play, it appears that most of us tend to go straight to the more obvious pleasure zones (like the clitoris, penis, or anus). Just like during partnered sex, there are actually many other body parts that can and should be involved in sex outside of those few key spots. 

In fact, any part of the body can actually be an erogenous zone, after all an erogenous zone is just an area of the body that can produce sexual arousal when stimulated. These sensitive areas tend to have a lot of nerve-endings and receptors that are more attuned to light touch or gentle tickling. It’s even been reported that 12% of women are able to orgasm from stimulation of nongenital erogenous zones alone.

Just as nibbling on your partner’s ear or sucking their fingers helps build arousal, do yourself a favour and experience a bit of foreplay on your own, because you deserve it! If you need some help with where to start, we’ve got you covered.

Well-known Erogenous Zones

As mentioned earlier, there are some better known zones that when touched tend to send shivers down your spine and open the flood gates (almost literally). These zones include anywhere in and around the vagina, the penis and scrotum, and the anus.

Unsure why touching these areas gives you butterflies? Here’s a list! 

Vagina: If we had all day, we would go through the trillion and one individual erogenous zones in the vaginal area. But to spare you the lengthy read, we will keep it short and sweet. Between the clitoris, G-spot and the vaginal canal. The clitoris alone has over 8000 nerve endings, and the vaginal canal is located in the sensory cortex, the area of the brain that receives and interprets sensory stimulation.

Penis: The head of the penis is the most sensitive part of the penis, so it can be given special attention. There are plenty of toys that can be used to help stimulate this area or you can tease the area with your fingers.

Scrotum: The thinnest skin award goes to the scrotum. Although this area may feel nice to touch, you need to be gentle! You can focus on the highly sensitive scrotal raphe or the seam that runs down your scrotum.

Anus: The anus climbed to popularity as an erogenous zone due to the amount of nerve endings. Anal play gives a feeling of fullness and some enjoy the feeling of stretching. For any sort of anal, you want to focus on taking it slow and have lots of lube to hand, and if using toys, ensure they have a flared base so they can’t get stuck up there.

Of course there are other well-known zones that aren’t as risque as the genitals. Touching areas such as the nipples, the lips, neck and inner thighs are all areas on the body that will make your body tingle! 

Nipples/breasts: touching your boobs feels great not just because they're packed with nerve endings but because we have a lot of psychological associations between them and sex. As for nipples, some people have extremely sensitive nipples and can even orgasm from nipple play alone. 

Lips: These are considered the sexiest part of the face, they’re filled with nerve endings and lightly touching them can send tingles up your spine. Studies also show that kissing releases neurotransmitters, which boost mood and regulate sexual desire.

Neck: Ever wondered why your neck is ticklish 99% of the day, except when it’s time to get down to business? The skin of your neck is very thin, and a whole bunch of sensory nerves are clustered there, so while you’re aroused, this ticklish sensation turns into a sexually exciting feeling.

Inner Thighs: This one is a bit of a no-brainer, as the inner thighs are literally neighbours to the genitals, it's not hard to imagine why this particular erogenous zone is so popular.

When participating in solo play, you can use your vibrator, especially a mini vibrator with a flutter tip, to really stimulate these areas and build up arousal before your big finish!

Lesser-Known Erogenous Zones

As fun as the more well-known zones are to stimulate, there are some less obvious, and probably surprising zones that can help get you in the mood! Areas such as the lower stomach, the hands, the ears and behind the knees are also filled with nerve endings and make for great spots to tease and touch. 

Lower Stomach: Much like the inner thighs, this is an arousing area because of the close proximity to our genitals. When touched, blood rushes to the more well known erogenous zones mentioned above. This area is also not often exposed, so when it does become visible it’s almost considered a hot spot (pun intended).

Hands: Our hands have fingers, and our fingers have a tonne of nerve endings to help us understand what we are touching. Also the idea of someone sucking on our fingers can arouse all sorts of sexual dynamics, and some find this super hot.

Ears: As with every other area mentioned, the ears are yet again filled with a lot of nerve endings, nearly as many as the hands! What makes the ears different is that they are in a vulnerable area of the body, close to the face and head, which is an area that others don’t regularly get close to. 

Behind the Knees: The phrase weak at the knees didn’t come from thin air! The skin in this area is very thin, meaning that a slight touch or brushing can send sweet sensations through the body. 

Although these areas may not get you off (but you truly never know until you try), exploring them is a great way to build up that arousal, prolonging your finish and in turn having a better (and bigger) orgasm. Who wouldn’t want that?! Try to stimulate these areas with soft touches, maybe even a feather if you have one handy!

To summarise, our bodies are beautiful things designed to receive as much pleasure as possible! Just because you know exactly how to get yourself off in 3 minutes or less, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to have a little foreplay with yourself and experience greater pleasure. As John Mayer put it best, your body is a wonderland so you should explore it!

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