The Double Entendre Guide

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The Double Entendre Guide

Introducing your new favourite pleasure tool, The Double Entendre. 

by Eleanor Hadley 


This sleek vibe may look simple and unassuming, but with its ultimate versatility, the Double Entendre is sure to become your go-to. No matter what style of self-pleasure you like, the options are endless with this ultra flexible and highly customisable sex toy. Complete with two motors allowing for 4 speeds and 6 different vibration patterns, you’re sure to be well on your way to O-town, population: you.

Let’s explore all the different ways you can use the Double Entendre Vibrator...

External & Clitoral

Considering that clitoral stimulation is the number one way that vulva-owners tend to orgasm, we love a vibe that can powerfully stimulate us from the outside. The long body can act as a handle, allowing for easy access no matter what position you’re in. Used alone or in addition to partnered sex, it’s a total vibe (pun intended!).

Internal & G-spot 

The G-Spot is where it’s at for internal pleasure, and the flexibility of the Double Entendre allows you to reach it with ease. Simply curve it to fit your body, and explore with different motions to hit that sweet spot. Try rocking and rolling it in and out, applying rhythmic pressure or massaging in a circular motion to take you towards your O.

Dual Stimulation 

As the name of the Double Entendre suggests, this powerful tool has a double meaning…or, a double use. That is, it can be used in two places at once by simply bending the super flexible body to hit all the right spots. We know everyone has wonderfully diverse body shapes, so the beauty of the Double Entendre is that you can customise it to reach the exact places you desire. Try curving the narrow end around to hit the g-spot (or, what is actually the back of the clitoral structure), while the larger end sits atop the vulva and stimulates the clitoris for blended orgasmic bliss.

Vaginal Massage 

For us vulva owners, we are the proud owners of *multiple* erogenous zone - many of which are within the vaginal canal. Be it the G-Spot, the A-Spot, P-Spot or the C-Spot. The names aren’t important, but the sensations are. Using the Double Entendre as a wand of sorts, experiment with massaging your vaginal walls and all the way to the end of the vagina until you reach the cervix. You’ll find many zones that feel pleasurable and some that feel sensitive. By massaging these areas, you awaken more sensitivity and orgasmic potential. The cervix, in particular, is connected to the brain through the vagus nerve which, when stimulated can release oxytocin and lead to powerful, transcendental orgasms.


Of course, we can’t forget about our backside! Anal play is deeply pleasurable for all genders and something well worth exploring. Try for yourself by adequately warming up the area first, using plenty of lube (the anus isn’t self-lubricating, so be generous with your Oh La La Love Lube!) and gently sliding your Double Entendre inside. Take your time and ensure the body of the vibe is bent for safety (never use anything straight in the anus without supervision). Perfect for anal exploration, as well as in partnered sex.



Whichever way you use it, the Double Entendre is sure to have you coming back for more, and more, and more…


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