Valentine's Date Guide for the Sexually Active

Here are some foolproof date night ideas, guaranteed to make your lover swoon.

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Valentine's Date Guide for the Sexually Active
February, the month of love, is here. Which means Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it’s hard to deny that it’s a beautiful excuse to celebrate love, connection, intimacy and pleasure. Of course, you never need a reason to celebrate these things, but it definitely helps to mark the occasion and make the day extra special, just because. Understandably though, V-Day can sometimes come with a sense of pressure to plan the perfect evening. So, if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, I’ve got you. Here are some foolproof date night ideas, guaranteed to make your lover swoon.

Dinner and a delicious dessert

A spin on the classic V-Day dinner celebrations, this date night encourages you to stay in and cook a special meal together. Go all out and set the scene by transforming your dining room into that of a chic Parisian restaurant. Think white linen table cloths, long stemmed candles and of course, red roses, mon amour! Choose something you’d like to make together ahead of time and have fun cooking with your cherie - bonus points for a bit of sexy french music and some impromptu slow dancing in between chopping the veg and stirring the pot. Top off your meal with some extra decadent desert - the lickable kind. Prepare some melted body chocolate, grab a soft silky play mask to cover the eyes (we love Le Masque) and indulge in some sensation play with your lover, taking turns to slowly drip the chocolate along one another’s bodies and seductively taste one another until you simply can’t take it anymore. Try using fresh paint brushes to brush the chocolate on the skin for an extra level of sensual touch. Oh la la!

A quick and easy recipe for body chocolate:
1/2 cup of melted coconut oil
1 tbsp cacao
1 tbsp tahini
1 tsp of maple syrup 

Roll the Dice

Bring out your playful side with this fun (and spicy) date idea. Start early with a nice light meal out (don’t forget to make a reservation!). Then continue your evening with a fun activity that encourages the two of you to get moving and think outside the box. Something like an escape room, bowling or a trip to the arcade is perfect. Then, take the playful energy back to the bedroom and open up Frenchie’s Lover’s Kit, starting out by making use of the special Lovers Dice. This unique set of dice has one labelled with commands such as kiss, lick, suck - and another with body parts such as lips, neck, thigh - so you can roll the dice to determine your pleasure. Thankfully the Lover’s Kit comes with Beret Condoms, Oh La La Love Lube plus a luxe silk mask so you’ll be set to play the long game all night long.

Pleasure Mapping

This date is all about getting to know your lover on a deeper level, and exploring your pleasure potential together. The mind is our largest and most important sex organ, so it’s important to engage in stimulating conversations before you think about stimulating anything else. Start the evening by grabbing some question cards to spark insightful conversation over dinner, or go out for gelati and a sunset walk while playing 36 Questions in Love and watch as you learn more about one another, and begin to feel closer than ever. Continue the curiosity as you head back to the bedroom and engage in a practice called ‘Pleasure Mapping’. Take some time to slowly and gently explore your lover’s body, playing with different types of touch and sensation, all while asking them to share what feels good. Try grabbing a vibe like The Petit Eiffel or The Double Entendre to trace your lover's body, finding different erogenous zones on the whole body and the genitals to tease them and build up the pleasure until they’re begging for more.

Whatever V-Day plans you get up to, be sure to come prepared with your Frenchie condoms and lube for safe, sensational sex. Or, why not treat your mon cherie to the gift of pleasure with Frenchie’s range of luxe sex toys including Le Coq cock rings, our popular and tres versatile Double Entendre or our newest addition, The Petit Eiffel. Can’t decide? Choose from one of our chic bundles and kits for the ultimate Valentine’s treat. Enjoy, mon amour!

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