georgia grace

our professeur of pleasure

As a Certified Australian Sex Coach, Georgia knows a thing or two about pleasure!

She applies a clientcentred approach in supporting individuals, couples and groups to mindfully, powerfully and radically become more aware of their bodies, sex and sexuality. Georgia works with clients at her practice in Sydney and globally via telehealth, she runs regular large scale workshops, appears on panels and presents on a range of topics Australia wide.

Georgia also works BTS, developing online and tech based programs, aligns with sextech companies and sex positive brands in both an advisory and ambassdor role. As a qualified Journalist, she writes a column for GQ amongst other titles, is a media commentator and has published a book on masturbation, Pleasure Journal.

Georgia is a pleasure activist, passionate about all things bodies, sex and relationships.

As our Professeur Of Pleasure Georgia will be fundamental to our product development and ensuring we’re delivering insightful and factual content on pleasure. We all deserve it.. Oui Oui!