le masque

Frenchie Le Masque Silk Play Mask is made from 100% Natural Mulberry Silk. Luxe and glamourous for those sight deprivation and sensory activities. Once size fits all with silk covered elastic band and silk filling for maximum comfort and coverage no matter what the activity.. Sleep or Play...Oh La La!  

le masque



  • 100% Natural Mulberry Long Fibre Silk
  • 19 momme thickness and free from Toxic Dyes  
  • Embroidered front with "Oh La La"
  • Mulberry silk filling for maximum padded comfort
  • Silk covered elastic head band for fit and coverage
  • Sight deprivation and heightened sensory activities
  • Comes with cute carry pouch and gift box


Mask Length 20.5cm, Mask Height 9cm, Strap Length 35cm, Strap Width 2cm


The Frenchie Difference

Made with 100% natural silk, this is the most comfortable play mask or blindfold you'll ever use. With Oh La La embroidered on the front there's no guessing what business you're up to.


What size is the Le Masque?

The Frenchie Le Masque silk play mask is 20.5cm wide by 9cm high with a elastic strap measuring 35cm in length and 2cm wide. This mask is a one size fits all and can be comfortably worn for all head sizes.  

What is the mask made from?

Our mask is made from 100% pure natural silk, free from any toxic dyes or chemicals. Its padded for extra comfort and its silk covered elastic strap is comfortable enough for long periods or wearing.

Why is my mask shipped with in a plastic sleeve inside the gift box?

As this mask its used on the face and in close contact with the eyes we feel its important to ensure maximum hygiene protection during transit and dispatch. This plastic sleeve has been treated with ant-bacterial.

Can I use this as a sleep mask?

Absolutely! After an all night Le Romp it can be used to block out those morning rays and ensure maximum rest after a fun filled night of activites.

Can I share my Le Masque with my partner?

Whilst sharing is always caring just remember to clean as you would with any products used near eyes and face.


What is Momme measurement for thickness?

Momme is an old imperial measurement top describe the thickness in the silks weight. The thicker the silk the more heavier.


How shall I store my play mask?

Please store out of direct sunlight and a spot thats easy to reach when things are getting a little Kinky! Oh La La x


Instructions for Use


Simply place over head and adjust to desired position, ensuring its comfortable and provides maximum coverage to heighten those senses.

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