The Joy of Hotel Sex - An Ultimate Guide to Sex in a Hotel

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The Joy of Hotel Sex - An Ultimate Guide to Sex in a Hotel

Imagine a warm, dimly lit room, your partner stretched out in lingerie or a robe atop a king-sized bed covered in crisp white linens and a fluffy duvet, aching for your touch. A bottle of sparkling wine is chilling in an ice bucket next to the bed and the two flutes nearby aren't the only things waiting to be filled. Nothing stands between the two of you and the mind-blowing, face-melting orgasms you both know lie in your near future. 

It's not hard to understand the lure of hotel sex.

With its lack of distractions and sex-forward amenities (read: big bed and never-ending hot water in the shower), a hotel may be just the setting to ignite, re-ignite, or level up your sex life. Sex educator, Laura Rose Halliday is known to be an avid practitioner of hotel sex.

Hotels of all price ranges can do the trick - safe, clean, and private are the only non-negotiables. As with most things, the more you pay, the better it gets. This doesn't mean that decent hotels cannot be found at moderate rates - sign up with online booking sites for flash sales and deep discounts. Companies like Expedia, Travelocity or Hotwire can offer great deals, but know that when you use a blind-sale site you might get surprised when you arrive. Another option is finding a owner-rental like Airbnb or VRBO – although make sure your rental offers adequate privacy. 

Four-star amenities such as a luxurious bathroom, fuzzy robes, and high-end toiletries can take your experience to the next level. Sex-friendly furnishings - benches, occasional chairs, a standing mirror, or a four-poster bed - can inspire the two of you get into positions you've been fantasizing about. A spa tub can let you take a sexy bubble bath together that can lead to that edge-of-the tub oral you've been craving. Room service can give you the ability to literally not leave the bed and pay-per-view porn can be just the help you need to get your partner to try something new. 

Read on to learn more about the upsides of hotel sex. 

Do Not Disturb

Not having the time and space to focus on fucking is one of the most common things both women and men say contributes to a lackluster sex life. A lot of partnerships, either long term or casual, can get a hot boost from the anonymity and privacy of a rented room. Remember to use the "do not disturb" door hanger to make sure you're not interrupted, and although your room is private, you should be conscious of noise levels in neighboring rooms and let it guide your play. Getting an unexpected visit from hotel security will for sure spoil the mood. 

If your partner is incredibly, ahem...vocal, you might want to turn the need for quiet into a part of the play. A necktie in their mouth or a ball gag can be just the thing to keep the volume down.

For those who enjoy impact play, a rabbit fur flogger can be quieter than a hard cat o' nine tails, a heavy paddle or a crop. Unsure where to buy? Many online sources sell and ship discreetly. 


Hotel sex gives you room to play - whether it be for trying a kink on for size, role-playing a fantasy encounter, exploring a threesome (or moresome), or just having some uninterrupted time away to focus on fucking. If you live with family, roommates or children, merely finding a place to get it on can be a challenge, never mind really letting yourself relax, getting into it, and giving over to your desires.

Worrying about who might hear your moans of pleasure, your dirty talk, or the smacks and gasps of an ass-warming spanking session can put even the horniest couples on ice. The simplicity of a hotel can turn that ice into a fire. Read on for a few do's, don'ts, and pro tips that are guaranteed to make your overnight hot AF. 

The blank-canvas nature of a hotel room allows you to express your creativity. Some thought starters for using the space to its best advantage include:

The Seduction Game

Imagining your partner is a stranger or a character from your fantasies is a load of grownup fun, like Halloween all year long. Arrive in separate cars at different times so you can meet "for the first time" at the hotel bar or a nearby restaurant and keep the illusion going. Pull out your sexiest clothes and dust off your best pick-up lines to remember what initially attracted you to one another. 

You can also take on new personas. Pretend one of you is a food delivery driver and the other is a client...hungry for more than food. Plumber/homeowner, traveling executive/sexy maid...pick some characters from your favorite porn and go for it! Costumes and staying in character add to the experience. You'll never look at that tool belt or feather duster the same way again.

Midnight Caller

Ever want to be surprised by a stranger in the night? The method is simple: one of you checks in first and texts the room number to the other. Slide the key under the door in a paper folio and allow your partner to show up and surprise you.

Whether it's just passion in the dark you're after, or you're interested in playing out a consensual-non-consent (CNC) scene, a hotel can offer the perfect setting. Just be aware that hotel hallways are usually surveilled by security cameras, so your caller should leave the balaclava off until they get inside the room. 

Don't Try This At Home

The new-to-you furniture in a hotel room can inspire you to try positions you don't have a place for in your own home. When you arrive, scan the room. Challenge yourself to imagine a use for every corner or piece of furniture.

Could one of you be bent over that desk? Would that bench at the end of the bed be a great support to take your lover on all fours? Is there a sofa or side chair and ottoman that you could sit in for a lap dance or that would be perfect for an on-their-knees cock sucking? How about perching your lover on the edge of a dining table and letting them be what's on the menu?

Fucking in front of a picture window can be hot, as long as you're not on the first floor overlooking a busy sidewalk or parking lot. Make sure your window is privacy glass if you are concerned about being seen from afar. Finally, don't forget to check the inside of closet doors for long mirrors that can let you watch yourself in action. Let your imagination go wild. Go ahead and move furniture around but remember to move it back when you're finished. 

The More the Merrier

Group sex (threeways, couple-swaps, or more) can benefit from a larger play space. Hotels also offer privacy from the curious eyes of neighbors and family that make them a no-brainer for multi-partnered playtime. Additionally, a hotel can be a safe middle ground for new play partners, removing the need to be on anyone's turf until you know each other better. Whether you're all in one room, have adjoining rooms or retire to separate spaces, hotels can be a great neutral host for group play. 

Remember Your Manners

One of the benefits of hotel sex is not having to clean up afterwards. This doesn't mean NO one has to clean up. Be a good guest and remember your manners:

  1. Leave a tip for hotel staff. $2-5 per night per person is average. 
  2. Take any dirty linens and towels and place them in the bathtub or shower before you check out. If you get lube, oil or bodily fluids on the blankets, make sure to strip them off the bed as well. 
  3. If you get stains on the furniture (it happens!) wet a washcloth and wring it out, then place it over the stain and leave a note. Staff and the next guest will thank you. 
  4. Used condoms and wrappers belong in the rubbish bin, not on the floor and don't flush them down the toilet. 
  5. If you move anything, move it back. Do your best to leave the room in the same condition you found it. 

What to Pack

A small amount of preparation can make your night something the two (or more!) of you will remember for a long time. Satisfying your five senses when you pack your overnight bag will help you boost the hotness quotient of your encounter. 


Candles: A scented candle in a jar is portable and offers flattering lighting as well as a sexy scent. These are easily found at many discount, housewares, and retail stores for under $10. Remember to bring matches or a lighter and never leave a lit candle unattended.


Music: Developing a custom playlist of songs - either individually or together - that put you in the mood can create the perfect setting as well as a custom memento of your night away. Weeks later, don't be surprised when a song you hear arouses you with a memory. Don't forget a waterproof wireless speaker for shower fun.


Flowers: A bouquet of flowers can give even the most standard hotel room a personal look and please the eyes. Bring some daisies from your yard, a bouquet from the grocery store, or roses from the florist, and ask the front desk to send a vase to your room. Or have a delivery service send them at check-in. 

Loungewear: New, sexy smalls are a must for a hotel room romp. If you have ever wanted to try out garters and stockings, or a barely-there bodysuit, now is the time...either partner can buy them as a welcome gift, because regardless of the wearer, both of you benefit.


Picnic: If your hotel lacks room service - or even if it doesn't - packing a tasty buffet of drinks and sexy finger foods is never a bad idea. Cheese and crackers, cookies, chocolates, and fruit can provide a needed burst of energy in between rounds. Get a nice picnic basket and thermal cooler from a home goods store, a discount store, or even the hardware store. 

A little liquid relaxation can help you get in the mood and let go of stress. A bottle of wine or your favorite cocktail in a can doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re staying the whole weekend, grab a few bottles of different types. Lists of great wines are easy to find online, or pop in to your local wine store and ask for a recommendation. Wine professionals are always happy to offer recommendations at any price point. Don’t forget the corkscrew. 

A little planning ahead can keep you from having to leave the room at all. Beware: Feeding each other in bed can lead to messy fun, but in the plus column, covering your partner with whipped cream, chocolate sauce or playing with ice was never so easy when you don’t have to wash the sheets. Bon Appétit!


Oils, lotions and toys: Knowing that you won't have to wash the sheets gives you permission to get messy. Hotel sex is a great time to road test a new lube or a scented massage oil without worrying about cleanup. Don't forget ALL your tactile needs - it's why you're there after all - so a fuzzy throw or wrap for post-action snuggling or a sexy, slippery silk robe is a great addition to your overnight bag. 

Speaking of overnight bags, classy luggage makes you feel confident and sexy. A good overnight bag should be big enough to carry two days' worth of clothes, your toiletries, and any playthings. 

Back in your hotel room, imagine the moment when you lock eyes with your partner and set your key on the bedside table. They gasp as you remove your watch and belt and drop them on the desk. An audible moan fills the room as you begin to undress - your partner's head rolls back, giving you a good look at their body, hips rocking and feet squirming. Where this goes from here is up to you...both.


Hotel rooms offer a satisfyingly empty stage on which to act out both new fantasies and well-loved experiences in a safe, private and distraction-free environment. It's an accessible and low-risk investment, so get on that! You might like it so much it becomes a regular addition to your sexcapades whether you're committedly non-monogamous or in a long-term relationship. Slide that key in and let the games begin...


Written By Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday is the founder of School of Squirt where she teaches men and women about sexuality, squirting, dating, relationships, how to squirt and have an amazing sex life. Her philosophy is that couples with a good sex life stay together.

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