the sex solution australian native botanicals

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the sex solution australian native botanicals

Care for your sexual health by using products made with vitamins common of Australian Native Botanicals

If you have read our previous articles on Australian Native Botanicals -- “A-Beauty and Vaginal Skincare: Why A-Sex Is Next for Australian Native Botanicals” and “What Are Australian Native Botanicals?” -- you are already familiar with the incredible effects of the Davidson Plum, Lilly Pilly, and many others. From plumping up the skin on your face (and skin down below), to reducing sunspots on your arms, and protecting you from premature aging, Australian Native Botanicals are incredible multitaskers! However, you might not have considered the amazing effects of the vitamins present in ANB’s. Vitamin E -- lovingly termed “the sex vitamin” -- and Vitamin C -- a giant in skincare -- have both risen to prominence in scientific research about sexual health. Follow below to learn more about these vitamins and how immuno-support can be tres sexy.

Vitamin E - "the sex vitamin"

Vitamin E has long been used in external skincare, but its use for preventing vaginal dryness and atrophy is less well-known. A study from October 2016 published in the NCBI Journal found that Vitamin E can reduce the time needed for damaged tissue to recover and can limit how much atrophy occurs in vaginal tissue that has been harmed. The study also suggests that Vitamin E can be used as an estrogen substitute and that “daily use of Vitamin E…[can] protect the cervix.” According to the brief “Hormone Therapy -- Is it Right For You?” released by the Mayo Clinic, women entering menopause frequently take supplemental estrogen because it helps reduce painful and uncomfortable effects of menopause like “dryness, itching, burning and discomfort with intercourse.”

The NCBI study specifically touts the positive effects of antioxidants like Vitamin E, which the study nicknames “the ‘sex vitamin,’” within the body, explaining that Vitamin E prevents cell damage, helps synthesize hormones, and ensures normal hormone levels. Results of the October 2016 study have been supported by a number of other studies, including a 2008 trial which determined that applying Vitamin E, Vitamin A and hyaluronic acid vaginally lead to “a decline in vaginal dryness, itching, burning, dyspareunia, and inflammation after treatment.” Thus, Vitamin E -- an essential so readily found in ANB’s -- seems an obvious choice of ingredient for sexual lubrication products like Frenchie’s Oh La La Water Based Lube!

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"Vitamin C has been used to treat sexual health issues like bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections because of this cell turnover inducement capability"

Vitamin C - protecting against vaginal dryness

Vitamin C has also been proven to reduce the concentration of free radicals within the body, thereby supporting healthy cells and reducing inflammation. Vitamin C can also protect against drying, cracking, and dystrophy of the skin no matter where that skin might be found. It can protect the skin of your labia just as well as that on your face! Oui Oui! The article “Vaginal Dryness: Problems with vaginal dryness?” written for the Women in Balance Institute -- an offshoot of the National University of Natural Medicine -- notes that foods, creams, and supplements “high in Vitamin C...are great for skin protection, leading to fewer wrinkles and less skin dryness overall.”

Vitamin C also encourages cell turnover, which is why it is frequently included in brightening serums and other topical skin products. Vitamin C has been used to treat sexual health issues like bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections because of this cell turnover inducement capability. Both urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginosis can cause itching, burning, and an occasional odor. This ability to increase cell turnover -- which has been proven by a number of scientific studies -- makes Vitamin C a key player in the realm of sexual wellness. As such, including Vitamin C in sexual health products is a no-brainer. Glow from within -- and emit that ever sexy and elusive je ne sais quoi -- by adding Vitamin E and Vitamin C to your sexual health routine!

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