Unwrap Yourself for Christmas

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Unwrap Yourself for Christmas

How to Give your Lover a Sultry Striptease

Let’s face it - your presence is the real gift this Christmas. So if you’re searching for the perfect present for your lover, look no further than the mirror and get yourself ready to share the sexiest experience ever.

While you may blush or cringe at the thought of sharing a sultry striptease with your partner (or very lucky friend!) you will be pleasantly surprised by how deeply intimate an affair it can be, cultivating connection between you two and culminating in climax after climax.

Set The Scene 

Nobody wants to give (or receive) a striptease in a stark room with fluorescent lights overhead, dirty laundry strewn across the floor and old takeout in the corner. Set the mood and create a vibe with ambient, soft lighting, candles or incense, a tidy space and clean sheets. Not only will this elevate the experience, but less distractions creates a sense of safety and comfort which ultimately helps you relax further into pleasure.

Perfect Your Playlist

The right tunes will create the perfect mood to match your striptease, so take some time to curate the ideal playlist. I suggest keeping it sensual with some RnB and Neo-Soul rather than going for anything too obvious (Pour Some Sugar On Me - I’m looking at you!). Check out my Sensual playlist  or Frenchie's playlist for some inspiration.

Top tip: rather than having just a few songs that you want to use for your striptease, cue up a solid few hours of tunes to your playlist… just in case things go very well… *wink wink*

Choose your outfit 

Undressing can be a total artform, if done well. Like any artist though, you need the right tools to create a masterpiece. Choose clothing that is easy for you to get out of - nothing too tight that requires excessive pulling or awkward shimmying to get off. Go for softer, slinkier fabrics that can drape down to the floor, or easily be lifted overhead. Buttons and ties are a great addition to your striptease and will enhance the experience when undone slowly with eye contact and intention. I suggest thinking about how many pieces you would like to begin with and how much you intend to take off. Then, be sure to practice taking off each item so you feel super comfortable.

Amp up the anticipation 

A great striptease is all about…yep, you guessed it - the tease. There’s absolutely no need to rush the process. Delayed gratification is essential here, so take your time to build the tension. Make eye contact with your lover as you slowly undress, piece by piece. Feel free to be coy and cheeky here and fully indulge in the knowledge that you’re driving them wild. 

Seduce Yourself 

Confidence is the name of the game here, so I highly recommend practicing the art of seduction on yourself and with your own reflection first to have you oozing with authority when it’s your time to shine. Set the mood for yourself, put your playlist on and let your body move as you slowly peel off your layers. 

For your partner, watching you get lost in your own luxuriation is absolutely hypnotic, so indulge and enjoy the gift that keeps on giving.

If you’d like to learn The Art of Seduction including more tips on how to master the sexiest striptease and give an empowered lap dance, check out my course here.



Written By Eleanor Hadley

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