What We Won't Leave Home Without

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What We Won't Leave Home Without

Our picks for the hydrated, eco conscious and sex positive essentials

What do you consider essential? And we don’t just mean COVID-19 induced lockdown ‘essential’, we mean things you don’t ever leave home without.

Over time the things we consider ‘essential’ have changed, due to technological advances and lifestyle changes. We’ve witnessed the telephone go from something drilled to your kitchen wall to a necessity in your pocket, and ‘smart pay’ apps eliminate the need to even carry a wallet.

But, would you leave home carrying nothing but your phone? Despite the convenience of these pieces of technology, as humans we still have other needs. At times, these are personal to just us (I have one friend who’s thrown completely off track if she forgets her Carmex lip balm), while some are mandated by law, like face masks have been at times over the past year.

Some beliefs, like men always carrying handkerchiefs, have been retired (although, we wouldn’t be opposed to bringing this one back). So, we’ve put together a list of ‘modern day essentials’ that deserve a place in our pockets, bags and hearts, and that we refuse to leave home without.


1. Keep Cups

Single use plastics are so last year. By carrying a keep cup you're not only saving the planet, but also your wallet, as many cafes offer a discount for bringing one. There’s a huge range of chic designs to choose from and unlike the plastic takeaway alternatives, they’re actually satisfying to wrap your lips around. Keep cup usage relies heavily on having one handy, so our hack is to keep one in the car, one at work and one in your bag so that you never get caught in the act (of going disposable).

Personal Pick: Pottery for the Planet


2. Sunscreen

Protection isn’t just for the bedroom. No matter where you live, you’re exposed to a hefty dose of UV every day, and even more so in Australia. Even if you apply in the mornings before you head out the door, it’s important to be able to top up throughout the day. Sunscreens have evolved, and are no longer the greasy formulas of your youth that leave you looking ghostly pale or shining like a beacon in flash photos.

Personal pick: Ultra Violette Queen Screen Sunscreen SPF50+ Luminising Serum Sunscreen


If you’re wanting to achieve that post-sex glow without the, er, sex, then look no further as this formulation is designed for “anyone who wants to look arrogantly luminous”.

3. Condoms

Once an item bought discreetly under the cover of night at your nearest service station, condoms are certainly not something you need to be secretive about buying or carrying - it’s simple being responsible. Being caught without one at a critical moment can really be a roadblock to an enjoyable encounter, so why risk it? Always carrying condoms means you’re prepared for anything and saves the mood killer that is the frantic search through miscellaneous bedroom doors when you need one.

Personal Pick: Frenchie The beret condom 0.05 + Hyaluronic Acid


Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and featuring a unique Buttercup design, Frenchie condoms feel good and negate the need for unnecessary fiddling in the dark to figure out which way is which, leaving more time for the good stuff.

4. Green Tea Bags

If you, like us, fall into the habit of opting for coffee every time your brain starts to fuzz or you get hit with a yawn attack, this one’s for you. We all know the cost of a barista made buzz quickly starts to add up, and too many coffees can leave you dehydrated. Instead, make sure to always have a green tea bag or two on hand, to remind yourself to indulge in an alternative wake up. A green tea still contains caffeine, but is all water, great for hitting that eight glasses a day target.

Personal Pick: Pukka Green Tea


Pukka teas are ethically sourced, using 100% organically grown ingredients. Good for your body and your conscience.

5. A Good Book

Sometimes considered old school, a good book still has a place in our everyday lives. Today, we have the option of turning actual pages, using a kindle or listening to an audiobook on the morning commute, so there’s sure to be an option that suits you! There’s a whole host of reasons that reading is good for you, from stress reduction to increasing your vocabulary (you might just pick up some new words to use during pillow talk!). Whether it’s sci-fi, an autobiography, or anything in between, a good book in any form means broadening your horizons and limiting the time you spend scrolling social media.

Personal pick: Insatiable by Daisy Buchanan


Heads up, this may not be one to read on the bus, as the spicy sex scenes may leave you noticeably blushing.

6. Intimate Cleansing Wipes

Life can get dirty. Sometimes that’s exactly what we want, sometimes it isn’t. Carrying biodegradable cleansing wipes means you’re prepared for any sticky situations you may encounter, whether that’s freshening up after a sweat sesh at the gym or in the bedroom.

Personal pick: Frenchie Oui Oui Wipes


Made from 100% Biodegradable Bamboo, Water and soothing Aloe Vera, these wipes are good for your body and the planet. Each wipe is housed in a single sachet, making them easy to pop into your bag or wallet.



What you get up to behind closed doors is completely your business, but next time you head out that door, share a thought to this list of sixhydrated, enviroconscious and sex positive essentials essentials! We guarantee they’ll keep you prepared for whatever fun your day may throw at you, no need to thank us.


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