Vegan Condoms

While there’s no rule book for getting really intimate, condoms are another story. Frenchie likes our stories to have happy endings, which is why we created the Frenchie Beret Condoms. 
These vegan condoms are housed in an easy-open buttercup enclosure, meaning you open them the right way up, every time. Au natural, these condoms are created without any synthetic ingredients: better for you, the planet and your taste buds. 

Size doesn’t matter, but at 0.05mm, the ultra-thin design of Frenchie Beret Condoms let’s you get up close and personal, while keeping everyone involved protected. Simple? Safe? Oui Oui!

Features & Benefits

Easy-open Buttercup packaging

Hypoallergenic made for sensitive skin

Au naturel, no synthetic ingredients, and eco-friendly

100% natural rubber latex condom

Vegan & Gluten Free Cruelty-free

Ultra-thin 0.05mm and durable

Electronically triple tested for safety

Low-odour & fragrance free

TGA approved and registered

Fast and Discreet Shipping

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